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Neck, shoulders, back pain, headaches and chronic tension are the most common stress and tension related ailments. These can all be alleviated, drug free, when you take charge of your health and receive regular massage & Bowen therapy treatments!

Help yourself to better health.

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Michelle Whawell

Michelle Whawell Massage & Bowen Therapymichelle whawell

Internationally Trained

Michelle Whawell specializes in therapeutic, deep tissue, remedial & relaxation massage and Bowen therapy.

Michelle States

Massage and Bowen Therapy will benefit many areas of your life! My loyal clientele report many positive changes at home, work & in their overall health. Massage and Bowen Therapy creates a less stressed, clear thinking and more relaxed individual. I firmly believe that caring for your health through massage & Bowen therapy reduces costly doctor visits and the use of prescription and over the counter medications.

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